About Me

Let me tell you a few things...



Zubin Lelinwalla is an ambitious 3D Architectural Visualizer based in Toronto, Canada who delivers stories through visualization by creating photorealistic Architectural renders from a creative perspective. He loves the use of Modern, Contemporary, Minimal and luxury design styles in his work.

Zubin has a Bachelors in Interior Design and has worked as an Interior Designer at one of India's leading Interior Architect firms for around 4 years before making a move into the 3D visualization field in Toronto. He also has a post-graduation in 3D modeling & VFX and Graphic Design from Humber College, Toronto.

The softwares he uses for his 3D work are 3ds Max & Corona/V-ray and for the post-production of his renders he uses Photoshop. Apart from the 3D work that he specializes in, he is practicing the art of composing an image in post-production using matte painting techniques in photoshop and also learning to incorporate the use of softwares like Unreal Engine and plugins like Rail clone & Greeble to grow as a 3D artist.

Studying Graphic Design, he enjoys using softwares like Illustrator, Indesign & Adobe XD which has expanded his skillset in Typography, Layout design & UI. He is excited to get a job in an Architectural Visualization firm in Toronto and share his skills in order to contribute to the success of companies and future clients.